Treating Anxiety and Depression as a Nutrient Deficiency

Kryptopyrroluria, Pyrroles, Pyrroluria, or Mauve Factor.

The effect of nutrient deficiencies on mood balance, anxiety and depression has been widely researched and written about by Dr William Walsh PhD. His recent text book “Nutrient Power” is the one of the best biochemical documentations of his research in this area.

The general symptoms of deficiencies in some specific vitamins and minerals are wide ranging as listed below and are aggravated by stress. Skin complaints are also common such as acne or dermatitis.

The common symptoms are as follows, although it is not expected that one person will have all of them:

· anxiety

· nervousness

· pronounced mood swings

· low stress tolerance

· depression

· panic attacks

· motion sickness

· social withdrawal

· memory loss

· poor learning and concentration

· temper outbursts

· severe inner tension

· insomnia

· migraines

· acne

· irregular menstruation

· increased sensitivity to certain noises, bright lights, certain odours

· Sensitive to the feel of certain fabrics and especially the tags inside clothing

· joint pain - specifically knee/leg pain

· restless leg syndrome

· fatigue

· digestive disturbances

· Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS