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How does a Naturopathic Program Work?

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So that you can understand that a complete resolution of your health issues requires a stage by stage process. The basic stages of my naturopathic treatment program are as follows: 1. Improve gut and digestive function • Gut cleanse and repair program re SIBO leaky gut, IBS, diverticulitis, bowel problems. • Check for food allergies and /or digestive problems or enzyme deficiencies • Where needed organise specific tests, e.g. for gut parasites and gut dysbiosis (CDSA 3). 2. Balance hormones • Order specific tests for hormone and adrenal balance • Check for toxic oestrogen metabolites. Perhaps test for toxins such as BPA. 3. Mood Issues: • Many mood imbalances are hormone related, hence it is important to do the tests for hormones and adrenals, • Nutritional factors also cause depression and anxiety, therefore blood tests for nutrional deficiences are done, including pyrrol testing. These tests can also be useful for ADD and even the autistic spectrum. 4. Sleep Problems • Many sleep problems are caused from imbalances in hormones, mood, and adrenals. • Other sleep problems stem from blocked airways and snoring. These problems are triggered by factors such as reflux, poor digestion, food intolerances or allergies, and obesity. • Lliver and digestive problems can affect sleep. 5. Cholesterol testing 6. Blood tests to check for the full health status. • At the first consultation I obtain all previous blood tests done. Often the small abnormalities in past blood tests give an indication of the underlying causes of the current problems. New tests are ordered such as: o Vitamin D o Zinc and copper o Iron and ferritin o B Vitamins: eg Folate, B12, B6 o Check all the cholesterol parameters, not just cholesterol alone. o Check blood sugar levels and also insulin. o Blood type. 7. Weight Management • Body Composition Testing: Test fat % and muscle mass. • Do Blood Group test and discuss diet needs for that blood type. • Develop a better understanding of your individual body type and diet requirements. • Learn about food combining, macro nutrients, and which diet suits you best. 8. Check thyroid function • Usually only one test is done through the common Medicare system, but it is important to test for the various underlying causes of thyroid problems. • Test for auto-immune thyroid antibodies. • Check iodine levels if thyroid function is low. 9. Iridology- reveals the basic physical constitution of the body, its strengths and weaknesses.

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