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Herbal Medicine

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Service Description

Herbal Medicine: Naturopaths study herbal medicine for 4-5 years during their degree. We now use a range of Western Herbal Medicine and some Ayurvedic herbs, in combination, according to your specific needs. Sometimes I find it necessary to select alcohol free herbs or tablets or powders for those who are sensitive to alcohol. Herbal medicine has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is effective and the beauty of it is that it generaly does not have deletarious side efects on the liver and kidneys, and also does not lead to addiction or dependance. I use professionally formulated liquid herbal tinctures. Each herbal tincture I choose has several different health benefits. The art of prescribing is to mix 4-5 herbal tinctures in the one bottle so that the herbs work together synergistically. One bottle of the mix might address four diffeent health problems such as reflux, cholesterol problems, blood pressure, and thryoid imbalance. This is the beauty of being able to compound a formula in the dispensery. I use tinctures that are ethically sourced, some are even organically grown, and some can also be free of alcohol if preferred. Naturally these tinctures are free of artifical preservatives, colourings, sugars and flavourings.

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  • Emerald Lakes, suite 1/3027 The Boulevard, Carrara QLD 4211, Australia

    07 56446000

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