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Treatment Programs

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Service Description

Weight Reduction Programs: Stress causes your body to produce excess of the cortisol hormone. This hormone actually puts on weight! Therefore I like to analyse your particular dietary likes and dislikes and model a diet that suits you naturally. Food is meant to be enjoyed! Diet resistant obesity is a real challenge to treat, and I believe it can be handled by a good detox program, proper diet, and treatment of underlying imbalances in the body such as hormonal, thyroid insufficiency, auto-immune disorders, and food allergies. Detoxification Programs: Liver and gut detoxification is always beneficial. However it can be quite exhausting! Therefore it is often necessary to be done slowly, starting as a light detox, as many of us would not cope with a rapid strong detox program. Homeopathics are my favourite choice of detox aids, along with diet and herbal medicine.

Contact Details

  • Emerald Lakes, suite 1/3027 The Boulevard, Carrara QLD 4211, Australia

    07 56446000

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